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Helping make change and progress happen in the Northeast Florida community by creating new opportunities and resources in the great city of Jacksonville, Florida and beyond.

 Prime Realty invites you to make JAX happen, please hashtag #makeJAXhappen any and all photos of individuals making Jacksonville happen! Click Here for twitter posts and Click here to see a  few more recent Jacksonville success stories.

From Left to Right (Jordan Altenholf, Tyler Saldutti, Justin O’Brien, Sarah O’Brien, John Rutherford, Eric Yi) Not shown (Matthew Clark, Eric Bumgarner, Austin Kay)

Making Jax happen is a top priority in the Prime Realty office. There are many goals with in this company, but seeing Jacksonville grow and thrive is a top priority. Our #makeJAXhappen marketing campaign is focused on national market awareness and hometown pride for Jacksonville. We love seeing local businesses meet their goals and enjoy success. But growing Jacksonville cannot only be about the present, we need to invest in our future. “We believe that children and their well-being contribute heavily to the future of Jacksonville”, says Jordan Altenholf, Brokerage Coordinator at Prime Realty.

A lot of work went into selecting a group to work with and raise funds for. There are so many great non-profit organizations in the area, at the end of our research we found that not only do we live in an entrepreneurial city, we live in a very charitable and giving city. Once we started learning more about Daniel Kids, their history within Jacksonville and how many lives are positively touched through their many programs, we had to get involved.

2015 makeJAXhappen Bus Tour. Prime Realty exploring our city and making JAX happen!

Team Prime volunteering at the Sulzbacher Center.

Bringing award winning Italian motorcycle designer, Fabrizio Favre, to the United States. Favre Motorcycles chose Jacksonville, FL to opened its first custome bike shop in the US.

Prime Realty CEO Tyler Saldutti sponsoring the Dolphin Pitch competition for local student entrepreneurs at Jacksonville University.

Our team of world class entrepreneurs are active in our community making business happen and creating new opportunities in our community. We assist the process of starting a business or organization and take responsibility for its success. As a locally owned and operated commercial real estate firm we want to make Jacksonville an amazing global city where people want to live, work, and play. We are committed to the growth, accomplishment, and success of the city we call home. Furthermore, we are excited to be a part of establishing the brand and culture of our area so that when people think of Jacksonville they know what food, music, art, culture, iconic landmarks, recreational activity and level of hospitality to expect from The First Coast. Whether it is our world class golf courses, miles of sandy beaches, professional sports attractions, rivers and park systems, burgeoning craft beer scene, fresh seafood, blues festivals, or first class shopping and entertainment, we know Jacksonville is at the top of the list of great American cities. So once again, we invite you to make JAX happen!

Contact our Founder/CEO, Tyler Saldutti, for more information regarding current projects.

Jacksonville has more natural resources and opportunity for growth than any other city in the United States. That is why I chose to locate Prime Realty on the First Coast. The story of Jacksonville is still being written and we can help fill the pages. That is exciting!

Tyler Saldutti, Founder/CEO, Prime Realty

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