Blair “Red” Greenlaw

Associate Director

Blair joins Prime Realty’s Industrial Property team as a Sales Associate. He has

extensive real estate experience as an investor and project manager and plans to

leverage skills developed in these activities to help businesses maximize their

potential through real estate. Prior to becoming licensed in Real Estate, Blair spent

nearly two decades as a pilot in the U.S. Navy, where he still holds a commission as

a commander in the United States Navy reserve. His most recent assignment was

as the Commanding Officer of VR-62, an aviation squadron that conducts worldwide

strategic operations in support of deployed assets and theater commanders. Blair

holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Maryland and a master’s degree

from The Naval War College.



FUN FACT: "I used to land on aircraft carriers traveling at 140mph.  Now, I can't bring myself to drive faster than 70 on the highway" - Red Greenlaw

Associate Director

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