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Wally: Welcome to the Buzz.  I m Wally Conway.  Joining us on The Buzz today is Tyler Saldutti from Prime Realty.  Tyler, Welcome to the show!

Tyler: Thank you.

Wally: Prime Realty is not your granddaddys commercial real estate firm. Share with us what makes Prime Realty so different.

Tyler: Its our people. Its our culture. Thats how we are disrupting the industry. We hire based on a belief system. Thats led us to have a very diverse team of world-class entrepreneursthat come from all different industries and backgrounds. When you hire on a belief system, you get the right people and you dont stay in one box of a certain skill set or certain background. Our diversity has been the way we have disrupted the commercial real estate industry.

Wally: Having met your team, it really is a wonderful, eclectic team of people. Truly a delight to be around.

Tyler: Thank you.

Wally: Share with us, if you will about downtown Jacksonville. It seems that downtown is truly becoming alive. What are some of the activities that Prime Realty has been involved in downtown to help it come back to life?

Tyler: Weve been involved with many activities. Matthew Clark has spear headed most of our efforts downtown. That includes the Shultz building, the former Jacksonville bank building, the Elks Building, 300 West Adams street. Its been one project at a time. Its the same project approach that we have taken in East Palatka Florida or MacClenny Florida. We understand that each location is unique. Its going to have its unique attributes, both positive and negatives. We recognize their weaknesses and figure out how to sell.

Tyler: Downtown is really no different. When we take on a building and a project, we really look at it as a unique opportunity for tenants, property owners. We figure out what that individual business plan is. When we look at it that way, and we dont look at it as just another property or just another office property, we find that attracts the right tenants and the right people.

Wally: What is it that makes a historic or classic building more attractive to a tenant as opposed to a glass tower?

Tyler: You cant build cool. These older buildings have a cool factor and authenticity that every demographic seeks. I think that we are all looking for authenticity in our lives. Where we work, where we eat, and where we play is a big part of that. When you can do those things in a unique space that has a soul to it, people are attracted to that. There is a value to these properties that you cant replace. We like to harvest that value in healthy rental rates, and valuable properties.

Wally: Healthy rental rates are the key to downtown. You cant build cool. Have you trademarked that or own that domain name?

Tyler: We dont. Our big tagline is Make Jax Happen.We have That encompasses downtown and greater Northeast Florida and our efforts to make Jacksonville and downtown a part of the conversation nationally because we are a cool place to live and work.

Wally: Tyler, what should people do if they want to try and get ahold of you and learn more about Prime Realty, whats the best way to do that?

Tyler: 904.352.1400. Im extension #1. Our website is

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