Prime Realty’s #makeJAXhappen Property Tour 2015

Prime Realty’s #makeJAXhappen Property Tour 2015

Prime Realty Launches Marketing Campaign Promoting Northeast Florida.
“I am so excited to announce our new campaign to make Jacksonville the city that is being talked about around the world as being the place people want to live, work and play. Check in from time to time to see what is new at and remember to use ‪#‎makeJAXhappen on your Jacksonville related posts. I invite you to Make JAX Happen!” - Tyler Saldutti, Founder/CEO‬

Our team of world class entrepreneurs are active in our community making business happen and creating new opportunities in our community. We assist the process of starting, growing, or repositioning a business or organization and take responsibility for its success. Team Prime Realty got together for our first #makeJAXhappen property tour. All twelve of us traveled around Jacksonville to a few of our listed properties on an East Coast Transportation luxury charter bus. Giving all agents and support staff a chance to see what everyone is currently working on.

March 17, 2015 was the start of Prime Realty’s annual #makeJAXhappen property tour. Our itinerary included a nice mix of office, industrial, multifamily and retail properties. First stop was a recent Multifamily sale for Neil Hemenway and John Rutherford at 931 Cedar St.

Next stop on our tour we got to see 1037 Park St in riverside with Matthew Clark. He got to explain to the team all of the plans for 5 points in the near future.

While we were in 5 points we made a quick stop at Matt’s recently opened tenant Alewife!

From 5 points we headed to the Westside to see an industrial listing as well as a little more retail. 7060 103rd St is managed by Prime Realty and Tiffany Lane and leased by Eric Bumgarner and Joseph M. Turri. We got to meet some of our tenants Favre Motorcycles and GU Allstars.

From the Westside we made the trip downtown to see a few Forsythe St mix-use projects. 331 Forsythe St and 120 Forsythe St. Here Matthew Clark spent some time explaining all that is coming to the downtown area.

Overall the #makeJAXhappen property tour of 2015 was successful on multiple levels. Mostly the team learned about eachothers projects and I think we are all excited about what is to come here in Jacksonville, FL.