Welcome Eric!

Welcome Eric!

Prime Realty wants to officially welcome the newest member of the team- Eric Bumgarner. His activities as an industrial associate will include tenant and landlord representation as well as sales and leases of industrial land and buildings for local, regional, and international companies. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of North Florida and has relevant hands-on experience from his work with multiple contracting businesses.

Prior to joining Prime Realty Eric managed a sales and design team for a Jacksonville security company. A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Eric served the United States Air Force in Pakistan maintaining the C-130’s avionics and missile defensive systems.

Eric’s ideal customers are the mid-size industrial users who are looking to list their property for sale or lease. He is focused on business owners that have approximately 10,000-100,000 square feet of warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, and/or flex space. These customers are important to Eric and the Jacksonville community because they are the companies that will help re-build the local economy. These contractors range from the framers, to painters, to landscapers, to general contractors and to machine shops that support the heavy equipment needed for these jobs.

Eric is also focused on helping industrial business owners that are currently leasing their space. His goal is to have a positive impact on the Jacksonville economy by helping businesses make better real estate decisions to maximize their potential. He believes now is a prime time for established business owners to take advantage of favorable financing rates and historically low asking prices.

Eric has been involved in industrial type work most of his life. His prior experience includes plumbing new homes, excavating lots in the Rocky Mountains, maintaining C-130 aircrafts missile defensive systems and providing security and home theater solutions to the Northeast Florida market. With this vast array of industrial experience, Eric seeks to give back and help business owners maximize their profit through the real estate decisions they make.

I love commercial real estate because through my actions I am helping rebuild the economy one business owner at a time. I also love the complexity of commercial real estate. Each project has its own challenges and I enjoy being the one who creates a meaningful solution. I really enjoy meeting new people in the community and everyday my life is positively changed by the new faces that I meet.