A Fresh Perspective:  With Gordon Olson, Rising Star in Jacksonville Commercial Real Estate

A Fresh Perspective:  With Gordon Olson, Rising Star in Jacksonville Commercial Real Estate

Gordon, what made you choose commercial real estate brokerage as a career path?

G.O.: There has always been a fascination with intricate architecture and the construction of large structures and how they can impact an area. Personal freedom, time flexibility and earning potential based on your efforts made CRE an attractive and rewarding career path. Especially, after seeing how Jacksonville’s market thrived during a pandemic.

Where do you see the most opportunity in CRE brokerage?

G.O.: Investing in the construction of medical office and industrial space to accommodate Jacksonville’s population growth and escalating demand for storage space will be two segments of CRE that continue to thrive. Now is the time for sellers to be ambitious and buyers to lock in before interest rates climb.

How does being from Jacksonville help you service clients at Prime Realty?

G.O.: Being a Jacksonville native has provided me the opportunity to obtain a large social network with close contacts in the area and throughout Florida. These resources paired with a strong familiarity with the area provides my clients an edge only a market insider can provide.

Where do you see Jacksonville in ten years time?

G.O.: Ranked as one of the best places to invest in CRE in 2021, Jacksonville will continue to be a hot market. The population growth, rising rental rates and high property appreciation are why investors and developers are attracted to the area. Supply of industrial and warehouse space will be unrecognizable as the market develops to meet the demand for large manufacturing and distribution companies.

What makes the services you provide unique from other commercial real estate firms?

G.O.: We are a full-service commercial real estate firm that prides itself on actively responding and fulfilling our client’s needs in a timely manner. We deliver custom solutions and don’t wait for the phone to ring. We go out and make it happen for our customers.

What is the best way for someone to contact you if they have a real estate question?

G.O.: To assist with your commercial needs and hear the services Prime Realty has to offer, we can connect by phone, email or by stopping by our office.

Gordon Olson

Phone: (904) 712-3261

Mobile : (904) 487-5562

Email: golson@primerealtyinc.com

4237 Salisbury Rd North#212, Jacksonville, FL 32216

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