Close A Deal and Earn a Fee, Open A Relationship and Earn a Fortune

Close A Deal and Earn a Fee, Open A Relationship and Earn a Fortune

Keys to Building Strong Business Relationships

After ten years in business it is clear to us that Prime Realty is NOT in the real estate business. We are in the relationship business. As we plant, water, and grow new relationships, we reflect on where our most valued relationships have come from. Here are just a few of the ways our client relationships are built at Prime:

Authenticity. Be more effective by being more authentic. Everyone can spot an opportunist phony right away. When you say only what you truly mean, people are more likely to listen. There is a tremendous amount of trust between a commercial real estate user or owner and their real estate company. That trust is built on a foundation of authenticity

Don’t Assume. Be curious and dig deep each step of the way. You need to ask “why” and then ask “why” again and again. Every property is one-of-a-kind, and every assignment is unique. That is why commercial real estate should be approached from a project approach, not a one-size fits all mentality. You need to understand what makes a business or property owner successful. If you make assumptions or relay on bad information, you will waste time and not build a very good relationship.

The Fortune is in the Follow Up. Do what you say and say what you do. Communication and dependability are the cornerstone of a long-term relationship. When you can count on a trusted advisor to perform on a promise you will go back again and again. Much of our work occurs over years, not months, and it is the consistent follow up and delivery that builds long term relationships with clients and property owners.

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