How to Choose the Best Commercial Real Estate Firm

How to Choose the Best Commercial Real Estate Firm

Electing a partner in your real estate endeavors is not an easy task. With a growing number of diverse commercial real estate firms available to choose from, it’s important to keep a few priorities in mind when searching for your perfect fit:

Only Deal with Experts

To get the most out of a real estate firm, you’ll want to be able to utilize experts. Many real estate firms offer a catchall system; they don’t offer experienced, specialized brokers that will cater to your exact needs. The right firm will connect you with brokers that specialize in the type of real estate that you’re looking for—whether that be office, retail, industrial, or multifamily—and have measurable track records. 

Look for Consistency

Consistency separates a good real estate firm from an exceptional one. The best real estate firms to work with are those that provide a single point of contact (e.g., a specialized broker) and demonstrate genuine accountability through best practices and standards of procedure. Their expert brokers will know that your loyalty must be earned—they will make sure that you aren’t lost in the shuffle, as so many clients are, and that you know exactly what you can expect from them, giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with a seasoned professional.

Avoid Conflicts and Hidden Relationships

You deserve to be a firm’s first responsibility. Independent real estate firms offer an advantage many other firms cannot: no conflicts and no hidden relationships. What you see is what you get—the best broker to fit your needs, no matter what. In the ever-changing environment of real estate, adaptability is key. Independent firms have the freedom to give you the decision-making power without the policies and politics that come with other firms. An independent firm will offer total alignment, meaning its brokers and staff work together towards the common goal of providing you with the best service and expertise to produce real results.

Now imagine your perfect experience with a real estate firm. Are you working with the most knowledgeable broker in the market? Is their goal to maximize your value? Are they respecting and protecting your interests, not their own? Prime Realty’s mission and commitment is to rank your needs above all else; it’s what makes us different. Our firm of independent real estate brokers have a shared objective of being paramount at what they do and in the services they provide. We make sure you are in control and that you are our primary priority—no excuses, no conflicts of interest, and no surprises. We’re on your side.

Prime Realty is under the direction of Tyler J Saldutti. Tyler is a fourth-generation real estate entrepreneur; and, prior to starting Prime Realty, was a top producer working for a global commercial real estate firm. He has consulted real estate owners and users from a wide range of industries and built a reputation for finding the best real estate solutions through creative deal structures and a project approach to each assignment. His team manages the real estate transaction process for clients; including, project coordination between tenants, building owners, local municipalities, federal agencies, financial institutions, attorneys, accountants, designers, contractors and engineers. Established and awarded as a top professional in his field, Tyler is able to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to complete projects, increase returns, and deliver timely results.

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