Impact of art on commercial real estate

Impact of art on commercial real estate

Imagine office buildings, public places and our community without any art. Our society would be a very dull and boring place. Art enhances the way we live, work and play. It can enhance communal areas, office projects and retail development. Developers are using art to brand a property and create a vibe that matches the culture.

The user experience is becoming more and more important to retail and office leasing. Art can help enhance this experience. Walking the streets of Downtown Jacksonville, you can’t help but notice the large-scale murals by Art Republic that are splashed on vacant buildings. Bringing life to city blocks that once felt desolate. Office buildings, restaurants, and retail shops are transformed by carefully curated works of art and sculpture. Art gives the developer the ability to create an experience, inspire, and motivate the consumer.

Examples of how Jacksonville utilizes art

  • Art Republic is a three-day mural and art festival located in the downtown art district, also known as Jacksonville’s urban core. Art republic provides a unique opportunity to focus on art and culture, our city’s most important values. This non-profit organization promotes creativity and shows how important the language of art is to our community.

  • Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville governs the art in public places program. Public art is not only used to tell the story of a specific place, it connects the artists with communities and engages civic dialogue. The city’s official collection currently consists of 70 pieces of art, including works from local, regional and national artists. Types of art include: photography, murals, mosaics, sculptures and street furnishings.

As a result, while out for a walk or drive, observe how Jacksonville embraces the vitality and creative energies that art captures. The many unique applications of art serve to enhance Jacksonville’s commercial real estate developments.