Prime Realty Continues to Grow and Expand.

Going from a team of 7 individuals to a team of 14 in under a year is exciting for everyone here at Prime Realty! We would like to offer a warm welcome to Justin O'Brien to Prime Retail and Eric Yi to Prime Industrial.

Eric Yi will join Vice President Eric Bumgarner, and AVP Joseph M. Turri on our Industrial brokerage efforts. He grew up in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, and attended college at Florida State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management.
Shortly after graduating, Eric returned to Jacksonville as a teacher at Darnell Cookman School of the Medical Arts and Assistant Head football coach at Stanton College Prep. After serving 3 years in the education field, he decided to pursue a career in commercial real estate and began an internship at Prime in March 2015.
Eric brings a passion for determining and understanding goals, developing and communicating an effective game plan, then taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals. He plans on using his ability to converse in Mandarin Chinese to help serve international clients.

Justin O'Brien will join Vice President Matthew Clark and Sales Associate Austin Kay on our Retail brokerage efforts. He was born and raised in Upstate New York and attended the University of Florida. Justin has spent two years overseas studying and working in Germany and Italy. He speaks conversational German.
Justin moved to Jacksonville and worked in direct sales before going into the financial services industry. His responsibilities included advising high net worth clients on trades and recommending securities. Justin is known for his passion to resolve problems and add value for clients.
Justin’s excitement about the growth in Jacksonville prompted him to change careers. He joined the Prime Realty team in June 2015 as a Sales Associate in the retail brokerage department.

We could not be more excited for what is to come and what our newest team members will bring to our commercial real estate effort. We are all here to make Jacksonville happen.