Prime Realty Helps Code Ninjas expand into Saint Johns

Prime Realty Helps Code Ninjas expand into Saint Johns

The center is planned to open in early spring 2019 and will be enrolling students in February 2019.  “We are excited to see another resource come to the Northeast Florida market that parents can utilize to enhance their child’s development, “says Senior Vice President of Prime Realty, Matthew Clark. “Code Ninjas will give children a place to learn and develop their coding skills.”

Code Ninjas addresses the growing need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for kids ages 7-14 years old.  Kids come to Code Ninjas to be offered a unique educational experience, geared toward teaching children computer programming through its engaging, game-based curriculum. In other words, instead of just playing games, kids learn how to build them first. Code Ninjas channels kids’ love for technology and play into hands-on learning of complex concepts.  Children (ninjas) will be introduced to programming basics, robotics, app creation, game development, and more as they follow the systematic curriculum designed by coding professionals.   The game-based curriculum and welcoming environment allows for kids to have fun, while parents see the results of their children yearning for more computer programming activities.  Through a variety of Code Ninjas offerings, such as drop-in learning (no appointment – drop-in when convenient), summer and school-break camps, and parents-night-out events, the ninjas work with their senseis (mentors) to improve their coding knowledge and work through the programs, earning higher belt levels of achievement as they progress.  The reason this extra-curricular activity stands out as being the first of its kind is that the program is mixing things like reading, problem solving, team collaboration, persistence, logic, critical thinking, science and engineering in a way which leads to catapulting children’s ability to be resilient, confident, and social.

While Code Ninjas in Saint Johns, FL is the first location in our city, the owners Yulia and Edwin are already planning to open two more centers throughout the Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Lead by Karen Hong, Prime Realty successfully helped with the lease negotiations for the first Code Ninjas center, with two more centers soon to come. “This was our first lease negotiation, so we needed some hand-holding at times,” says Yulia Willmore. “Karen at Prime was always there when we needed her.  She helped us get off on the right foot for this first one and we plan on doing this at least two more times.  We wouldn’t hesitate to call Prime when that time comes.”

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