Six Ways to Reduce Risk and Insurance Claims at a Shopping Center

Six Ways to Reduce Risk and Insurance Claims at a Shopping Center

Tiffany Lane, Property Manager

I recently attend ICSC’s Florida conference in Orlando. One of the many things I learned was how a

property owner can reduce risks and insurance claims at a retail center.

Listed below are six suggestions on how a property owner can be proactive regarding insurance claims.

1. Maintenance: Keep the property as clean as possible. A well maintained property is the best

defense against facility issues.

2. Be Proactive: Survey your property regularly. Dead trees, limbs, and other debris can pose a

hazard to customers and employees. Once you realize these issues exist, develop a plan to

present to the landlord on how to correct them in a timely manner.

3. Be Transparent: ALWAYS make your property owner aware of any issues before a claim is filed.

4. Keep Good Records: It is important to get it writing. Complete an incident report whenever

there is an event at the property. Note the time of day and the weather on all reports.

5. Get The Right Insurance and Keep It Current. Educate yourself on your insurance coverage

including terms and expiration dates. A lapse in policy could result in a large unnecessary payout

for the owner.

6. Keep Vendors and Contractors Insured: Require proof of insurance from all vendors and

contractors. Consider a contract for the plaza and your management company for additional




About the Author: Tiffany Lane is the Property Manager at Prime Realty. She manages

retail, office, and industrial properties in Northeast Florida. Her property management

best practices are focused on cutting operating costs, reducing risk, and increasing

rental income. Tiffany has a background in design and management, and works with

the leasing team, property owners/asset manager, and the accounting department to

build consensus and achieve targeted financial objectives at the properties she

services. Contact Tiffany at 904.349.7176 or