What Makes a FUN Leasing Process?

What Makes a FUN Leasing Process?

How to make it fun for the TENANT

  1. The tenant wants to find a location that will achieve them the highest return on income BEFORE their competitor does.
  2. Have the tenant meet their neighbors by secret shopping the surrounding tenants.
  3. The tenant wants to build a trusting relationship with one broker, NOT an entire team of brokers. This is great for the broker as well because this way the broker is always the tenants first call.

How to make it fun for the LANDLORD

  1. Interview tenants and even interview patrons of the center. You want to do this because you want to create a tenant mix that produces the most income for each tenant and of course the landlord.
  2. Create a demographic report that shows what type of tenant the sub-market is lacking and what type of tenant would thrive at the landlord’s property.
  3. Create a marketing plan with a brand. A landlord loves to see that you are giving it all you have to find them the right tenant.

How to make it fun as the BROKER

  1. Go Ugly Early - It is important to figure out what can go wrong up front. Think of a leasing process as a courtship and the actual lease as a marriage. It’s meant to be easy in the beginning!
  2. Know your property inside and out. If you do all this in the beginning, then you will be more confident and knowledgeable giving tours of the property.
  3. When you can create success for your tenant and your landlord then you will really start feeling the FUN. It is a win-win.

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