Why Are Investors Buying Commercial Real Estate in Northeast Florida?

Our customers come from all over the United States, South America, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, China, and Israel. But they all have two things in common. They like owning commercial real estate. And they can invest in property almost anywhere in the world.


So why are they buying office, industrial, retail and multifamily investment property in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas?


1. Stability. The political stability and general safety of the region. They know that a Jacksonville property is safe and their investment is safe.


2. Value. More bang for your buck. They are getting much more property per dollar invested here compared to other developed markets.


3. Proven Market. Jacksonville is an established real estate market with a long track record of growth. There is an established market for all property types; office, industrial, retail and multifamily.


4. Value Add Opportunity. There is room for innovation and improvement. You can find a C property in an A location and turn it into a B asset. “Build it and they will come”. For example: TPC in Ponte Vedra, The St Johns Town Center, and 220 Riverside.


5. No State Income Tax. A savings of up to 13%.


6. Diverse Economy. We are not just tourism. There is a diversified economic ecosystem; including, world class healthcare (Mayo Clinic and Baptist Health), higher education (UNF, Jacksonville University, and UF Shands), the United States Navy, banking, insurance, and manufacturing.


7. Growth. People and businesses are moving to Florida. Other cities are congested and Jacksonville's infrastructure is ready to welcome much more growth. As cities to the south and north of us fill up, growth continues to be pushed into Jacksonville. And Jacksonville is ready for it. The rail system, road system, internet infrastructure, port system and water/sewer/power supply is in place.


To learn more how we can make your goals happened here in Jacksonville please contact one of our experts